Going Green

Going Green To Save The Blue Award

Going Green

The Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) is leading a collaborative effort to reduce the use of plastic water bottles on charter yachts throughout the world.

Many of the pristine areas where Braveheart operates have no means of recycling. All trash ends up in the landfills. Plastic bottles are especially problematic as they can take over 400 years to decompose.

Braveheart provides pure, filtered water made by our watermaker. By offering the yacht’s drinkable purified water, together we can prevent thousands of plastic bottles from going into the landfills. You even get a reusable Braveheart insulated cup with a lid and straw to keep as a memento for free in the process!

How Braveheart Qualifies for the "Going Green to Save the Blue Award":

CYBA will recognize charter yachts making extra efforts to “go green” with their "Save the Blue" award.

  • Braveheart has specially installed a chilled, fresh water, drinking faucet in order to provide purified filtered water to use in our Braveheart drinking cups
  • We have installed over 60 led lights both inside and outside the yacht to reduce the power consumption the yacht uses for lighting. We now use 1/10th of the power for lights that we used to and the new lights are more efficiently placed and many add cool colors too
  • Capt Jerry Blair is the co-director of REEF GUARDIANS in the BVI. Our Reef Guardians group is a non-profit initiative to help save the reef through controlling the invasive lionfish species, promoting safe anchoring and mooring techniques, organizing beach and underwater cleanups, and through monitoring coral life and health on our reefs via Reef Check. To learn more about Reef Guardians go to www.reefguardians.com or check us out on Facebook at reefguardiansbvi
  • Braveheart makes an effort to reduce our carbon footprint by sailing as much as we can from Island to Island. We have wind scoops to cool the boat at night when the tradewinds are blowing in lieu of running the generator and air-conditioning
  • We use re-usable shopping bags
  • We create a virtual bridge; reduce printed materials and records
  • Properly dispose of oil waste products
  • Use 4-stroke fuel efficient outboard on tender
  • We crush all cans and garbage in order to reduce the volume of waste we generate each day
  • Encourage eco-friendly sunscreen use by charter guests

Braveheart helps keep the future green by doing our small part in a global solution!